New Book Tells the Story of Oprah Winfrey in Her Own Words

Own It: Oprah Winfrey in Her Own Words is a small volume of a series called In Their Own Words, written about the world’s most influential entrepreneurs. This book includes Oprah’s thoughts, pieces of advice, etc about how she expanded her platform of broadcasting, television, writing, interviews, and public speeches. The authors recognize Winfrey has the, “Queen of all Media,” as they illustrate her multi-million dollar media conglomerate. This volume also shines light on the fact that Oprah, as of June 2016, who is founder and CEO of Harpo Inc., based out of Chicago, holds the 28th spot on the BE 100s Industrial/Service Companies list, with $121 million in revenue for 2015. Not to mention, Oprah’s net worth is reportedly at $3.1 billion, making her California’s richest, self-made woman.

Date published: October 7, 2016

Published by: Black Enterprise Magazine



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